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Google, Social Media & SEO Specialist

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Hi, my name is RJ from Houston. I have been working with small business owners for a year using my digital marketing skills to grow their business. I manage digital marketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook as well as advanced SEO campaigns. I also create websites that are optimized for any device.

I'll create ads that stand out against competitors and have a clear call for action. I'll target a customized audience more likely to convert with data I have from working in diverse industries. I'll perform competitive keyword research and utilize keywords with the highest conversions data. I'll use an advanced bidding strategy portfolio that is lower cost, but creates more conversions and high click-through rates.

When I create advanced SEO campaigns I focus on both onsite and offsite SEO techniques including honing LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, content restructuring, mobile optimization and link building.

Website build after management fee paid (1 year of web hosting, SSL secured & domain name of your choice)

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