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I am a technician with 22 years of auto mechanical and electrical repair experience. I can quickly and accurately determine the problems, and provide services with excellent services.
My expertise includes:
1. Quickly and professionally solve problems of excessive oil consumption of BMW N54/N55/N62 and N73 engines.
2. Professionally repair air conditioner compressors, and all kinds of other conditioner problems, such as intermittent air conditioner not cooling, refrigerant leaking etc.
3. Professionally repair car circuits and major control modules, such as DSC / ABS module, SAM module, engine control module, transmission control module, electronic hand brake module and lighting control module, etc.
4. Professionally solve other problems, such as difficult to start the engine; trembling because of one cylinder does work; slow acceleration; check engine light is on; oil leaking; abnormal noise from engine
5. Professional European car repair and maintenance, air suspension fault repair, differential and splitter disassembly repair.
6. Professional replace timing belt and water pump
You may bring your own parts to my shop, I will install for you. All technical questions you may have, I will do my best to answer for free! Cody

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