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Hula Dancers

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Hiring a hula dancer is a great way to transport your average pool party or luau to the beaches of beautiful Hawaii. Dress your guests in Sarongs or grass skirts, get your guests leis, and then put them into the hands of our fabulous hula dancers. We'll show everyone how to sway those hips all night long.

We perform in family friendly costumes and bring our own music and sound system. We are perfect for your next Moana Children Birthday Party, pool or luau party, corporate events or retirement/senior living party.

Options are:
Welcome Guests
Hand out Leis (you provide)
Perform a Show (a typical performance includes a demonstration of different island style dances, about 5 songs)
Teach the Guests some Hula Moves
Dance with the Guests
Take pictures with Guests

Polynesian Dancing is one of the most popular forms of dance for events, be it an adult Luau party or a childrens birthday party. First-hand experiencing of the enchanting beauty and charm of ancient Polynesian dances is unforgettable. The pulsing drums, the blur of the hip shaking, intoxicating tropical flower scents, and the unmistakable energetic performance that is Polynesian dance are brought together here.

Our dancers are available at events either as Performers or as Dance Instructors. The Instructor can be available prior to the performance to give the guests a short dance lesson. Then let the music carry you and your guests into an unforgettable night of memories and dreams.

Our luau dancer(s) can greet your arriving guests in true aloha fashion with a lei and flowers for the ladies hair,
we can teach the guests some basic dance moves, and get the party started with a stunning performance.

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